Application Requirements for Undergraduate Programs at Koç University

Please read carefully all the requirements below as you prepare your online application for admission to Koç University’s undergraduate programs as an international applicant.
Important information to consider as an international applicant:

  • English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS are not required for admission to Koç University. However, you should provide one of the eligible international university admission tests (SAT I, SAT II, ACT) or international diplomas (IB, GCSE, French Baccalaureate, ABITUR) with your application.
  • We strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible only if you have ALL your documents ready such as SAT test scores.
  • You can apply with your predicted IB or A-Level (A2) scores issued by your school
  • If you don’t have one of the eligible test scores or diplomas, you will not be offered admission.
  • If you have one of the eligible test scores or diplomas, but with scores below our minimum criteria, you will not be offered admission.
  • TOEFL and PTE Home-edition and IELTS are not accepted by the Higher Education Council and therefore, we are not able to accept them as an eligible English proficiency test.
  •  If you meet the minimum criteria you will be asked to complete a recorded video interview as part of the scholarship evaluation process. You should complete this interview before the deadline shown on the message you will receive from the online application system.
  • You will receive your admission and scholarship result up to 2 weeks after completing your interview(s) on the application system.

Application Requirements

1) An international standard university admission exam score or an international diploma grade

You should satisfy and exceed the minimum acceptable score or grade from only ONE of the exams or diplomas listed below.


Acceptable exam or diploma All other programs in other Colleges – MINIMUM SCORE or GRADE Law/Medicine – MINIMUM SCORE OR GRADE
SAT I (New) – General Non-Essay (Koç University’s Code is 1931). You should send your electronic scores to Koç University in the list of selected universities. Conversion table to SAT I Old Score to SAT I New Score. Engineering: 1200

Sciences: 1180

Social sciences and Humanities: 1180

Administrative Sciences and Economics: 1180

Nursing: 1180

For all colleges the minimum scores in each section are:

Maths: 620

Evidence-based Reading and Writing: 560

Medicine: 1450 out of 1600 Law: 1410 out of 1600

For Medicine and Law Schools no minimum scores are specified for each section

SAT II Subject Tests (Koç University’s Code is 1931) Minimum number of subject tests: 2

Required subjects and minimum scores:- Mathematics Level 1 or Level 2: 620 out of 800 –

Relevant subject test to the program being applied for: 650 out of 800

Medicine: 2 Subject Tests – Mathematics Level 1 or Level 2: 650 out of 800 – Biology or Chemistry: 700 out of 800

Law: 2 Subject Tests- Mathematics Level 1 or Level 2: 620 out of 800 – Relevant subject to Law (eg World History): 700 out of 800

ACT (Koç University College Code is 3017) 23 out of 36 31 out of 36
MCAT Not applicable Medicine: 505
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 28 out of 45 40 out of 45
GCE (General Certificate of Education) 2 A-Levels (A2) on program-relevant subjects Minimum grades: A*, A, or B Medicine: 3 A-Levels (A2) on program relevant subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths) with A* or A grades

Law: 3 A-Levels (A2) on program relevant subjects with A* or A grades

Note: This includes: Cambridge International GCSEs, Pearson EdExcel International Advanced Level (IAL)



Social Sciences and Humanities, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Nursing, Law

Minimum 3 AP Exams:

AP Calculus AB or BC with a minimum score of 3 out of 5

2 other relevant AP Exams with a minimum score of 3 out of 5

Medicine, Engineering, Sciences

Minimum 3 AP Exams:

AP Calculus AB or BC with a minimum score of 4 out of 5

2 other relevant AP Exams (Biology, Chemistry) with a minimum score of 3 out of 5

French Baccalaureate diploma 12 out of 20 17 out of 20
ABITUR (Germany) exam 1-4 grade (1 and 4 included) 1,2 Medicine 1,5 Law
MATURA (Austria) exam Diploma grade: 1 or 2 1,2 Medicine 1,5 Law
MATURA (Switzerland) exam Diploma grade: 4.50 – 6.00 Diploma grade: 5.50 – 6.00
EB (European Baccalaureate) Diploma grade: 80% or 8-9 in relevant subjects (one of which should be Mathematics) Medicine: 90% or 8-9 in relevant subjects (one of which should be Mathematics) Law: 90% or 8-9 in relevant subjects (one of which should be History/Philosophy)
ENT (Unified National Test – Edinyi Natsional’nyi
Test) Kazakhstan
100 out of 140 in the four main areas (language areas
are not eligible) with the Math section being higher than 10. CE: 110 out of 140 in the four main areas (language areas
are not eligible) with Math section being higher than 11
120 out of 140 in the four main areas (language
areas are not eligible) with the Math section being
higher than 13

Please refer to the Acceptable Exams and Diplomas and Minimum Eligibility Scores and Grades section for details.

Exam scores older than 2 years at the time of application will not be accepted. There is no time limitation on diploma grades.

Students who cannot provide any of the exams listed above (for a valid reason – such as an exam test center not being available in their country) may also be evaluated with their high school diploma grades and other credentials. However, please note that your admission chances will be low if you apply without one of the tests or diploma grades listed above.

Average test scores of previously admitted students to Koç University

You can see statistics about the average test scores of previously enrolled international students to Koç University’s undergraduate programs here (2017-2019):

2) Official High School Diploma (if available at the time of submission)

If available, a copy of your National High School Diploma certified by the issuing institution or notary public offices as genuine copies of the original and translated to English or Turkish IF the original is not in English or Turkish.

Please refer to Certifying Copies of your Original Documents section for details.

ICGSE: AS levels are not considered a high school completion certificate by the Turkish Higher Education authorities so you can only apply for admission with A-Levels.

3) Official high school transcripts (or predicted high school GPA)

High school transcripts or predicted results from every attended grade (9th, 10th, 11th, and if available 12th grades). You should upload a copy of official transcripts of your high school courses and grades showing your final Grade Point Average (GPA) or equivalent grading system. If you submit an application whilst you are still enrolled in your last year of high school you can submit an official document from your school stating your predicted grades.

4) Motivation letter

The motivation letter should be the place where your unique experience, interests, and motivations can “shine” in front of our Admissions Committee.

You should use 1-2 pages to explain why you would like to study your program of choice, talk about the academic and extra-curricular activities that have helped you make your decision to study a specific major and that would make you ready for university life, and why specifically do you think Koç University’s program is a good fit for your character, goals, and style of learning.

Always remember: plagiarism will mean an automatic rejection, make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, and before uploading this document ask yourself: could this have been written by anyone else other than me?. If the answer is yes, then go back and revise. Below we have put together some sample motivation letters to guide you in the process.

5) One (1) letter of recommendation

You will be asked to provide contact details (name, surname, institutional email address, job title) for 1 person (this can be a teacher, headteacher, or guidance counselor) who can provide recommendations on your behalf for university admission. The referee will receive an email from Koç University asking them to complete a recommendation form.

Make sure you remind them with enough time in advance to prepare their recommendation letters.

The recommendation letters can be written in English or Turkish.

You will be able to see if your referees have submitted their recommendations in your online application and they will receive an email confirming that they have successfully submitted the recommendation letters. Check out our short guide on “How to ask for a reference”

6) Non-refundable application fee

Koç University charges a 250 Turkish Lira (TL) non-refundable application fee for undergraduate international applications submitted for the Fall 2022 admission intake. You will find the instructions on how to pay the application fee on the application form using a credit card. Please make sure the credit card used to pay for the application fee is authorized or enables you to do online purchases and purchases outside of your country if you are paying with a  non-Turkish bank credit card. You can pay for the application fee with a family member’s or other authorized person’s credit card but they will need to provide you with the code they will receive as an SMS message on the mobile phone registered with the credit card.

There are no application fee waivers for undergraduate international applications for the Fall 2022 admission period. If you do not pay the application fee your application will not be evaluated.

7) Optional application documents

  • English language proficiency exam score

Since English is the medium of instruction at Koç University, it is essential that you demonstrate competence in the language. Students who submit a valid English Proficiency Exam Result and/or students who completed the last 3 years of high school education in a country where the official language is English (as recognized by the Turkish Higher Education authorities) will be exempted from attending the English Language Center (ELC) and will directly begin their undergraduate courses. However, it is not sufficient to have proficiency in English.

Applicants are expected to satisfy the minimum acceptable score or diploma grade for one of those exams or diplomas listed in Acceptable Exams and Diplomas and Minimum Eligibility Scores and Grades. Please see our English Language Preparatory program for details.

Note: IELTS is not currently accepted in Türkiye (2019). Pakistan and Nigeria are not on the list of countries where English is the official language according to the Turkish Higher Education authorities and therefore are not exempt from providing a valid original English Proficiency test score report during enrollment (if offered admission) or taking the Koç University Institutional English Test.

  • Turkish language proficiency exam score

Only for Law and Nursing program candidates, a copy of the Turkish language proficiency exam score. Please see Proficiency in Turkish section for details.

How to write a strong motivation letter

Webinar video

The time: 1:29:11

Watch our webinar on how to prepare your motivation letter for our undergraduate international application at Koç University. Best practice guidance on format, length, how to impress the Admissions Committee, and more!

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