Policy on international agents

There are government-funded agencies that act as impartial providers of free information about education in Türkiye and may help international students with the application process for admission to Turkish universities, for example, Yunus Emre Institute, the Turkish Scholarships organization, or The Council of Higher Education in Türkiye.
However, there are many private agencies around the world that make a connection between a potential student and a university course. In most cases, the agents receive a commission for every student who joins the course because they have a formal agreement with the university whose courses they promote. Others charge the students a fee, and they may act as admission agents for the university, checking the students’ applications, helping them with their personal statements, and ensuring that the students possess the qualifications required for joining the course. Another approach used by agents is to charge the student applicant for help getting their visa – such help is not required for admission at Koç University, as the International Community Office team offers a full visa support service and plenty of information to the applicant regarding the visa application process.

Koç University partners with a limited and carefully selected number of international education agencies that only provide advice to prospective international students about studying in Türkiye, our university, and our admissions process. We do not partner formally or informally with any educational agencies to act as admission agents for the university.

Please note that it is not necessary to engage an educational agent in order to be considered for admission to Koç University. Admission decisions are not based on the recommendations of agents and no agency can guarantee admission or scholarships to any of our programs.
We unequivocally disapprove of (and reserve the right to take legal action against) agents who claim to be operating on our behalf without a formal agreement or to have a ‘special relationship’ with us and charge students for an application on the grounds that the student will have a better chance of getting into Koç University through them than if the student had applied directly themselves.

Koç University expects an application to be the work of the applicant and that all information on the application is complete, accurate, and truthful. We may reject application materials, cancel an admissions offer or dismiss a student from attendance if it is determined that application materials have been falsified.

You can see a list of our recognized education agencies below:

Country /Region Agency Name
Albania Via Academica
Azerbaijan CELT Colleges
Azerbaijan American Life
Azerbaijan A-Level Education Center
Azerbaijan Roof Academic Training 
Azerbaijan EDDE Global
Azerbaijan Leznik and Company
Azerbaijan Mentora College 
Azerbaijan StudyLab
Arabic GCC countries MEDUTUR 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Via Academica
Greece Brive P.C New Technologies Development
India Red Kite Consulting
India Amicus Partners
Jordan GESCO Jordan
Jordan Bridge International for Academic Services
Kazakhstan A&T Smart Study
Kazakhstan Compass Education LLP
Kazakhstan M&K Study Centre
Lebanon Studypedia
Middle East Marifet
North Macedonia EAC Skopje
Pakistan AWM Educational Enterprise
Qatar Qobolak
Qatar Right Track
Saudi Arabia (KSA) Qobolak
Serbia Via Academica
UAE, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) UniHawk

If you are an educational agency and would like to propose a partnership with Koç University, please complete our agency application form with your company details and contact details of 2-3 university client referees for evaluation. We will respond 6-8 weeks after submission of the form with a decision regarding partnership or to schedule an introductory meeting.