Academic and Research Environment

Our university’s faculty consists of Türkiye’s most established senior researchers and PhDs from elite research institutions worldwide. 95% of all full-time faculty members have doctoral degrees from top-tier universities in the U.S. and Europe, while the remaining 5% are recruited from the top Turkish universities.
Our faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally for their research capabilities and receive significant grants from prestigious institutions, such as the European Research Council, for projects in a variety of fields.
Our researchers, who act on the premise that interdisciplinary research provides the highest possible technological and economic impact today, carry out independent research in their own disciplines, as well as engage in teamwork by collaborating with researchers in other fields.
To this end, Koç University has established over 200 research centers, forums, and laboratories that conduct scientific and applied research to suggest policies, and transfer the university’s accumulated academic knowledge to society.

Academic Snapshot

  • Maintains a low student-faculty ratio at an average of 13.8
  • Grounds its curricula in the liberal arts disciplines: the humanities, social sciences, and sciences and offers a Core Program that equips students with knowledge not only in their chosen major but also in different subject areas.
  • Faculty members closely follow the academic development of the students and provide guidance at an individual level.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students of Koç University have the opportunity to participate in high-profile research projects along with the world-renowned academic staff.
  • Provides students and researchers with the know-how and financial support required for the commercialization of their ideas, in contexts such as intellectual property, patents, licensing, and incorporation.

Koç University is a fully accredited and internationally recognized university. Upon graduation, your Koç University diploma and diploma supplement (in accordance with Bologna Process guidelines) can be easily recognized and validated in your home country following the required procedures set by national legislation.
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