TIME’s Best Invention 2023: Koç University Alumnus Raza Hasan’s ‘Model T’ Innovation Shines

We’re thrilled to share the exhilarating achievement of Raza Hasan, a distinguished alumnus of Koç University (Pakistan, MSc Biomedical Sciences and Engineering 2013-2015), as TIME Magazine honors IAMBIC’s groundbreaking innovation, the “Model T,” as the Best Invention of 2023!

Raza stands at the forefront of IAMBIC, a team dedicated to revolutionizing the world of footwear design and size inclusivity. His exceptional leadership has led to the remarkable recognition of IAMBIC’s “Model T” by TIME Magazine, a testament to his and his team’s unwavering commitment to innovation and progress.

This prestigious acknowledgment by TIME celebrates the tireless efforts and dedication of Raza Hasan and his team at IAMBIC, recognizing their relentless pursuit of size-inclusive footwear.

The “Model T” stands as the culmination of years of dedicated research and development, boasting 12 patent-pending inventions resulting in an AI-driven, precision-fit shoe.

Raza’s accomplishment serves as a shining example of the exceptional talent and commitment to innovation nurtured at Koç University. We take pride in celebrating the success of our alumni and their contributions to shaping a more inclusive and innovative future.

Raza shared his thoughts and feelings about this thrilling news:

“Sharing Exciting News from TEAM IAMBIC! Our MODEL T has been honored as a TIME Best Invention of 2023!

The prestigious TIME annual accolade celebrates the innovations that are shaping and redefining our world. TIME has a rigorous process, sourcing nominations from their global network and evaluating each based on originality, ambition, and transformative impact. To be approached, nominated, and featured in the Design category is a testament to IAMBIC’s unwavering commitment to advancing size-inclusivity in footwear. We are immensely proud of this achievement, and it demonstrates the dedication, resilience, and hard work of our exceptional team.

Growing up in Pakistan and pursuing my education in STEM, I would await TIME’s annual lists of the best innovations at the end of each year. There was a certain reverence I held for the brilliant minds behind the technologies that earned a place on that list. As an engineering undergrad, having something of my own on that prestigious list felt like a distant dream. Fast forward, and life has taken me on an incredible journey. As an immigrant to the US, I had the privilege to lead a groundbreaking initiative that would transform the way shoes of the future are designed and custom-fit. And then, the dream became a reality today with IAMBIC’s MODEL T designated as a TIME Best Invention of 2023! IAMBIC MODEL T is a culmination of over three years of R&D, the dedicated efforts of our global team, and 12 patent-pending inventions that have resulted in an AI-driven, precision-fit shoe.

This recognition serves as a reminder that innovation knows no boundaries. We will continue to push the envelope and explore new horizons in our pursuit of creating more inclusive and innovative solutions. I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and I’m excited about the path ahead. Together, we’re shaping the future of footwear design and size-inclusivity.

We are deeply grateful for the support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Harvard Innovation Labs, Stony Brook University Center for Biotechnology, NYS Center for Advanced Technology, The Working Assembly, MassChallenge, The Entrepreneur Forum (EF), The Capital Network and Ashley Mateo. Thank you to everyone who is championing our vision in this global village!”

For further details about IAMBIC’s “Model T” innovation, visit IAMBIC’s website.