Career Planning at Koç University

Koç University assists international students and alumni in exploring career options, preparing for opportunities, and using the university’s dynamic network to establish the necessary connections to make informed and fulfilling career choices.
The approach that was developed to address the career development process, called “E.D.I.T. (Explore, Design, Improve, Transfer) Your Career”, aims to support students to explore external career options and discover more about themselves, to design their careers step by step, to improve their processes and decisions using own experiences, and to transfer these inferences and learned skills to their future lives and careers.
The Career Development Center, Colleges, Graduate Schools and individual faculty members support the needs of all local and international students and alumni to:

  • develop self-awareness related to your career, education, and employment
  • select personally suitable academic programs, professional programs, exchange programs, and internships/part-time/summer/volunteer job opportunities that help to explore educational, employment, and career options
  • gain experience through internships and part-time job opportunities
  • prepare for suitable employment by developing job-search skills, interview skills, and an understanding of the fit between their competencies and job requirements 
  • explore local and international career opportunities via online subscriptions, on- and off-campus career events, and appointments with career counselors
  • meet with alumni, employers, professional organizations, and others who will provide opportunities for professional development and understanding of future career possibilities
  • join appropriate educational, graduate, or professional programs

Career Development Center
Employment in Türkiye

Emilie Litsas, Exchange student from American University

Location: Istanbul Duration: 5:20