A Unique Campus Experience

Located on the hills of Sariyer in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Koç University offers a fully residential campus experience on its beautiful, green, 62-acre estate, achieving a striking balance between accessibility to central Istanbul and retreat from the distractions of city life.

The university lies just 20 minutes away from the Black Sea, charming villages, and natural landscapes, and is connected to the city center through a number of convenient public transportation options.

As a university focused on creating well-rounded, confident, and competent human beings both in and out of the classroom, Koç University places tremendous value on providing a plethora of extra-curricular activities for its students and dedicates the necessary resources to ensure that these opportunities satisfy and enrich the Koç University experience.

Koç University’s main campus consists of sixty buildings: academic colleges, administrative offices, laboratories, library, social and sports facilities, health center, student dormitories, and faculty residences.
The classrooms and laboratories have the latest technological infrastructure and support systems. On-campus conveniences include a grocery store, hairdresser, full-service bank, bookshop, and cafeterias along with other dining options.


Step into the vibrant world of Koç University’s dormitories, where convenience and community come together to create your home away from home!

Our modern, fully-equipped accommodations offer a range of options to suit our students’ needs. Immerse yourself in our lively social spaces, and forge lifelong friendships while enjoying the top-notch facilities and unparalleled residential campus experience that Koç University offers.

All admitted international undergraduate and PhD students are allowed to apply for our dormitories. The university aims to provide a space for all those students who complete the dormitory application form and submit all the required documents in the application period.

Koç University Dormitories are split into two areas:

  • Main Campus (Rumeli Feneri): dormitory buildings are within walking distance of the academic buildings. The “S” building offers a 24-hour cafeteria service for all-night study sessions!
  • West Campus: dormitory buildings are located 3 km from the main campus (Rumelifeneri) and are reachable with frequent inter-campus shuttle runs. Facilities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and cafeteria.

Dormitory room types and fees

  • Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple, and Quintet rooms are available
  • Single-gender buildings
  • Dormitory fees are paid in one instalment per academic year at the start of the Fall semester (September/October)
  • The annual dormitory fee includes all utilities (gas, water, electricity, WiFi), refrigerator, furniture, pillow, and blanket.
  • Annual dormitory fees range according to room type and dormitory campus location, please check our Dormitory Fees page for the latest fees.

Key benefits of staying in the campus dormitories in your first year at university

  • Before you learn how to navigate public transport options to reach our campus, staying in the dormitories offers the convenience of being a few minutes away from the academic buildings and sports and cultural facilities for week or weekend activities.
  • Sharing a room in your first year at university can help you start making friends and widening your social circle beyond your undergraduate major classmates or other students from your own country.
  • Housekeeping services are weekly for rooms and daily for common areas and are included in the annual room fees.
  • Each building has a laundry room, a kitchen, and a lounge with a TV and computers.
  • Dormitories staff are accessible via regular shifts to improve the residence life experience.
  • Health Centers on both campuses operate 24/7 with English-speaking, trained doctors and nurses.
  • Koç University security team is on duty all around the campus, including the dormitory area, at all times.

Explore the Dormitories Dormitory application and regulations

Off-campus housing options

If you decide to live off-campus at a self-arranged accommodation, check out a few sources and useful guidance prepared by our International Community Services Office here.

Arts & Culture

Since 2001, Koç University’s Sevgi Gönül Cultural Centre (SGKM), located on the Rumelifeneri Campus, has hosted numerous concerts, plays, movie night events, recitals, exhibitions, and dance performances.

Part of SGKM’s mission relies on student input and feedback to constantly bring new and innovative performances, festivals, and seminars that are relevant to our campus community. SGKM provides outreach to a diverse array of events including the Sevgi Gönül Theatre Festival and Dance Festival. Luminaries of the arts bring influential ideas and opportunities to all of Istanbul’s grand stages which SGKM is associated with.

Koç University provides outreach to a diverse array of events also at Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) located in Istanbul city center, Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civilizations (AKMED) located in Antalya, and at Vehbi Koç and Ankara Research Center (VEKAM) in Ankara.

Student Clubs

The education at Koç University doesn’t stop at the classroom door!

Student clubs are an indispensable part of the Koç experience, supporting your studies and creating opportunities for friendship and self-discovery.

Currently, there are 75 active student clubs that bring students together to share topics of mutual interest and explore their passion. Even if students don’t see a club that matches their interests, we can help them start one!

Sports Facilities & Athletics

On the main campus, there is a multi-purpose gym with a seating capacity of 2,000, an open tennis court, a soccer field with artificial turf, an outdoor swimming pool, and an ice rink.
The gym is 42 by 32 meters and has a 156 m running track that has a panoramic view of the court, squash and racquetball courts, aerobics and dance rooms, a fitness room, a cardio room, and a table tennis section.
In addition to these, the court in the gym can be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Also on the west campus, there is a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a dance studio, and a table tennis section.

Koç University has 16 competitive sports teams from American Football, Hockey, Rowing to Sailing, Water Polo, and Table Tennis in which you can challenge yourself in national and international tournaments.
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