Have a look around!

Here’s how the virtual tour work:

  • Open the virtual tour from this link.
  • The tour starts at Koç Gate which is the entrance of the campus.
  • From there you can navigate through the college and its grounds by clicking on the arrow button .
  • On the left of the screen you’ll see a menu which is a list of all the areas in the tour – you can navigate directly to them if you choose.
  • There’s also a map icon on the left bottom which will help you get an overview of the campus plan and can help you find your bearings.
  • Each tour typically shows the Koç Gate, Portal of Knowledge, Koç Square, Student Center, Suna Kıraç Library, College of Administration and Economics, Social Sciences Courtyard, Sevgi Gönül Auditorium, Odeon Amphitheatre, College of Natural Sciences, School of Medicine, Engineering Courtyard, Engineering Auditorium, Football Field, Swimming Pool, Semahat Arsel Gymnasium, Henry Ford Building, Dormitories, Health Center, S Cafe and West Campus.
  • For the VR tour, you’ll need to Install / Launch mobile VR App and open this link.
  • For the 360 panoramas, photos and videos; please see here.

Also check out our #DiscovertheCampus website! Explore our undergraduate programs and get information about all our faculties and research centers!

Hopefully this information will give you a little flavor of each college and campus facilities. For more general information about campus life, please see here.