The vision of the Graduate School of Business is to provide world-class education, achieve academic excellence in research, and benefit society locally and globally. Our graduates take leadership in economic and social progress as critical thinkers and creative individuals. They are dedicated to the highest ethical standards, social inclusion and values of participatory democracy.

The Koç University Graduate School of Business (GSB) is proud to raise the leaders for the 21st century. Its graduates are trained to be visionary and responsible leaders.

Visionary, in that they develop a critical and constructive mindset, open-mindedness, creativity, and long-term orientation. Responsible, as they raise the ethical standards bar, embrace integrity and honesty as core values in business, and consider the sustainability dimension of a long-term strategy. And leaders, who take initiative, mobilize others, and realize change for the benefit of their firm and society at large. The fact that many of our Alumni are today’s leaders illustrates the success of our programs. Our Alumni are part of a global network that enables far-reaching and ongoing interactions with peers from various cohorts, which has proven very valuable to tackle the challenges of complex global markets.

We offer a select set of master programs:

Full-Time Programs

MBA – Master of Business Administration
CEMS MIM – Master of Science in International Management
Koç MIM – Master of Science in International Management

Part-Time Programs

Modular MBA
Tech MBA
Design MBA
Health MBA
EMBA – Executive Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Finance

In each of these programs, we blend academia with business application in order to prepare our students to make informed decisions in real-life situations in uncertain and turbulent environments. We prepare our students to align their decisions with the interests of various stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, and society.

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