Koç University offers new exciting online programs that combine academic excellence with fun this summer! These three-week programs come with top-notch academic content with theoretical and practical knowledge, interactive structured discussions, group exercises, ECTS credits, and a certificate of participation.

The programs are offered under two titles; Turkish Television Drama: A Mosaic of Genres and Stories, and Next Generation Leadership


Turkish Television Drama: A Mosaic of Genres and Stories

Program dates: July 26 – August 12

Application deadline: June 25


In the last two decades, TV drama production in Türkiye has been booming with a significant international impact. Türkiye has become the world’s fastest-growing television series exporter in the world and the second-largest drama exporter after the US. Turkish series have recently gained even more visibility generated by the production of Netflix original series in Türkiye: these include The Protector (Hakan Muhafız), The Gift (Atiye), Love 101 (Aşk 101). This course provides an overview of contemporary Turkish dramas examining their relation to the historical, social, political, and cultural contexts. The common trends and topics of Turkish television will be analyzed with the transformations Türkiye has been going through. It will also look at the cultural adaptations of foreign series and various genres such as historical dramas, rom-coms, and action thrillers.

Visit oip.ku.edu.tr/turkishseries for further information and application.


Next Generation Leadership

Program dates: July 26 – August 12

Application deadline: June 25


Leadership as the fundamental mode of organization and cooperation in groups has always been a popular subject. Yet, what constitutes “good”, “effective”, or “best practice” leadership changed significantly through time. In this course, students will gain an insight into the leadership literature with a particular emphasis on the recent developments in the field. The course is designed to introduce the main approaches to leadership in the context of how they inform current best practices. Through case studies, group exercises, simulations, and the application of leadership assessment tools, the course will help students to the ground and utilize leadership theories in the real world. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have theoretical and practical knowledge about a variety of leadership approaches including their advantages and disadvantages in different contexts. Students will also be able to identify and evaluate these leadership approaches in real-life cases.

Visit oip.ku.edu.tr/leadership for further information and application.