We are aware that the university admission process may become challenging at times and that you may have some questions about our admission process. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by clicking on the topic of your interest. 


Am I eligible to apply as an international student?

Please refer to our Registrar’s and Student Affairs Directorate webpage to check for general eligibility requirements.

Entry requirements

Is taking TR-YÖS necessary for admission to Koç University undergraduate programs?

No. However, TR-YÖS is a recognized qualification for admission to Koç University’s undergraduate programs. You can find the exhaustive list of entry qualifications here.

Are AS Levels accepted as an entry qualification for admission to Koç University undergraduate programs?

No, only A-levels (including international A-Levels) are accepted for admission. You can find more details here.

Application form

What type of application should I select on the online application system?

Please check below according to your individual educational status, which type of application you should complete and submit in the Koç University online application system for undergraduate programs.


Application type If you
International Student Have completed or will have completed your high school by university enrollment period and will apply for admission as a first-year student.
Transfer Student GPA – International Have completed at least 1 year of an undergraduate program abroad (outside Türkiye). See details on eligibility requirements and how to apply as a transfer student here.
Transfer Student GPA – Within Türkiye Have completed at least 1 year of an undergraduate program in Türkiye (regardless of your nationality). See details on eligibility requirements and how to apply as a transfer student here.
Transfer Student ÖSYM – Within Türkiye Have completed at least 1 year of an undergraduate program in Türkiye and have a valid ÖSYM placement exam score. See details on how to apply as a transfer student here.
Special Student Completed at least 1 year of an undergraduate or a graduate program in a university abroad (outside Türkiye) and will apply to enroll in up to 6 courses per semester for a maximum of 2 semesters. See details on how to apply as a special student here.
KU Internal Transfer Student – GPA Already enrolled as a student at Koç University and will apply to transfer between majors with your current GPA.
KU Internal Transfer Student – ÖSYM score Already enrolled as a student at Koç University and will apply to transfer between majors with your valid ÖSYM exam score.

I am not able to submit my application!

Please make sure that:

  • There are no missing required fields left that need to be filled in (typically these would be marked with a red asterisk “*”)
  • All the documents in the “Checklist” section are uploaded or you have appropriately marked the situation that best applies to your situation in terms of providing those documents.

Why do I keep receiving “This file is not supported” warning when I try to upload my documents?

  • Please make sure that all your documents are uploaded in PDF format.

I cannot find the name of my school/university/institution on the list.

  • Applicants who cannot find the name of their school name on the list should click on “I did not find my institution from the list”, in red below the underneath field, then the question allows them to type the name of their school.

My referee is not able to find the reference link.

  • Please make sure that your referees’ email addresses are accurately stated.
  • Please remind your referees to check their SPAM/JUNK folders as the reference request link might have been sent there.

I want to remove/change/edit my referee; how can I do this?

  • You can simply untick the referee and then add a new one.

I am trying to register, but the system keeps showing an error message.

What is meant by the ID-Card number?

  • It is your National Identity card number.

I don’t have a Turkish ID number (Kimlik ID); what shall I do?

  • The Turkish National identification Number (TC Kimlik) is not a mandatory requirement for international applicants.

I live in Türkiye and I have a blue card , do I have to write my blue card number in the ID number section?

  • Yes, you should write your Mavi Kart number in the ID number question on the Profile section of the application form.

If I have an award or a published research where can I put it on the application form? And does it give me an advantage?

You can list any Research publications and/or awards in the “Activities” section of the online application form and you should also mention them briefly in your Motivation Letter.

I want to delete/reorder my program preferences; how can I do that?

  • Applicants can change the order of their priorities by using the up and down arrows or delete the program by using the bin symbol next to the programs.

How can I restore my application password?

  • The applicant can do it by clicking the “Forgot your password”. Then, the system asks “click send a one-time link/register” and afterward, the applicant receives an email and verification with the pin to create a new password

When I submit the online application fees, I receive a “Payment Error” message.

  • Please double-check with your bank that your credit card is authorized to make international transactions.

I am an A-level student; how can I calculate my GPA on a grading scale of 100?

You can use the Cambridge, Pearson, or any online GPA calculator.

The online application does not allow me to type symbols; how can I type (A*) for my obtained grades?

Please type that in letters (ex: A star).

The online application does not allow me to type future dates; how can I indicate the date of my predicted grades?

Please type the date of issuing your predicted grades, not the date of your final exams.

Application process

How are undergraduate applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated in terms of academic merit and fit with Koç University’s educational values and goals in a holistic approach by an Admissions Committee. Please note that evaluation for admission to Koç University is done on a need-blind basis. We do not offer specific reasons for rejected candidates so please do not email the university asking for clarification in this regard.

Should I apply through an educational agency or consultant?

Koç University has partnered with a limited and carefully selected number of education agencies in Türkiye and abroad (see approved list of educational agencies here) to provide guidance to prospective international students about our university and our admissions process. However, please note that it is NOT necessary to engage an educational agent in order to be considered for admission to Koç University. Admission or scholarship decisions are not based on the recommendations of agents and there are NO FEES charged by Koç University to educational agencies for any application procedures. Koç University expects an application to be the work of the applicant and that all information on the application is complete, accurate, and truthful. We may reject applications, cancel an admission offer or dismiss a student from attendance if it is determined that application materials have been falsified. Please note that you should submit an application with a personal email address, not an educational agency email address as this will create unnecessary problems communicating with you as an applicant if needed.

What should I do if I receive a rejection letter?

Koç University is selective in its admission process so a large percentage of applicants for each of our undergraduate programs will not be offered admission. Unfortunately, there is no reconsideration of an applicant’s admission or scholarship decision by the Admissions Committee so we ask you to not contact the university via email or telephone in this regard. You may consider applying for the following academic year’s admission period if you think you will be able to improve your test scores or other elements of your application.

I have already received my reference letter; can I upload them by myself or send them via email?

  • Reference/recommendation letters are not accepted by email nor can the applicant upload them; they should be submitted by the referee through the link that the applicant sends through the application.

Will HPA (Honors Point Average) be considered in our application rather than just GPA?

Normally, the College admission committee will consider only GPA (unweighted) and pay attention to your individual course/subject record to determine whether your GPA is an accurate reflection of your academic potential for a specific undergraduate program.

How can I make sure that my application is successfully submitted?

  • Once you submit your complete online application, the system will send a confirmation email. Please make sure to check your inbox on your application page and your SPAM/JUNK emails.

Can I still edit my application after the admission session deadline?

  • Yes, you can still edit your application, but, please note that if you do not submit your application again before the deadline and it remains Reopen, your application will be transferred to the next admission session evaluation.

Can I appeal the admission & scholarship results?

Admission and scholarship decisions are final and any filed appeal will be rejected.

How can I check my application status?

The evaluation process typically takes 4-6 weeks after the application is submitted and we are not able to communicate information about admission decisions to applicants via email, telephone, or in person during this period. However, you will be able to check your application and admission status from the online application system.

Offers & Enrollment

What should I do if I receive an admission offer?

First of all, congratulations on being offered a spot in our student community in the Fall semester. To be able to enroll as a new student you should:

  1. Confirm your decision to enroll by accepting your offer in the online application system under “My Offers” by the deadlines indicated below.
  2. Pay the tuition deposit by the date indicated in your offer letter or as shown below and follow the instructions you will receive via email
  3. Visit our Registration Information page for new students to obtain the list of documents you will need to provide, how to pay the first-semester tuition, how to apply for dormitory accommodation (if applicable), and when you will receive your KU ID and email information from our Registrar and Student Affairs Directorate. You will also be contacted by our Newcomer’s Office and International Community Office in due course and they will provide detailed guidance.

If offered admission, can I obtain the denklik (high school equivalency certificate letter) online?

No, you need to apply for the denklik (high school equivalency certificate letter) in person through the nearest Turkish Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence or the Istanbul Ministry of Education Office (Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) in Sultanahmet once you have arrived in Türkiye. You can make an online appointment through https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr/.

If I apply with A-level or IB predicted grades will I receive a full or conditional admission offer?

If you apply with predicted grades you will receive a conditional admission offer (if all other elements in your application are also considered eligible for admission) and you will be able to change your offer into a full admission offer once you provide your official final grades and request the relevant institution to send the final grades or certificate to Koç University electronically and via post.

If I apply with A-level or IB predicted grades and one of the standard test scores such as SAT I or ACT will I receive a full or conditional admission offer?

If you apply with predicted grades and one of the eligible standard tests such as SAT I or ACT with a score above the minimum, and all the other elements in your application are considered eligible for admission, then you may receive a full admission offer. However, please note that in order to enroll as a new student you will need to provide proof of completing your high school education and transcripts for four years of high school education.

Would my conditional admission offer be cancelled if my final A-level/IB grade is lower than the predicted grade, but still above the minimum grade for the relevant College?

Yes, if your final grade is not the same or higher than the predicted grade you applied with, then you are not able to enroll as a new student, even if your final grade is above the minimum required for the relevant College.

Should I submit my mid-year school report with my application?

Yes, you will have to submit your most up-to-date transcript of records with your application.

English proficiency

I’m an American citizen living in Türkiye for more than x years, am I considered a native speaker?

  • The Koç University’s English proficiency requirement will be exempted for those who have completed the last three years of high school education in a country where English is considered the official language. Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and other countries where English is also spoken are not on the list of countries where English is the official native language according to the Turkish Higher Education authorities and therefore are not exempted from providing a valid original English Proficiency test score report during enrollment if offered admission.
  • Students who hold citizenship of a country where English is the native spoken language, but those students lived and studied in a country where English is not the official language, are not exempted from providing a valid original English Proficiency test score report during enrollment if offered admission.

Is there an Koç University internal English proficiency exam?

No, Koç University will not offer an internal English proficiency exam for international students from 2023 onwards.

You must submit a valid English Proficiency exam result while applying to your program(s) of choice.

Per the latest instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Center for Selection and Placement of Students (ÖSYM), in order for an international language exam taken in Türkiye to be accepted as equivalent, it must be taken in a state university building.

Fees & Payment

I have dual citizenship from Türkiye and “X Country” so will I be paying Turkish tuition fees or international tuition fees?

If you are offered admission and if you have Turkish citizenship you would pay Turkish international tuition fees in Turkish Lira regardless of any other citizenship you may have. You can find more information here https://international.ku.edu.tr/undergraduate-programs/tuition-and-scholarships/

What is the tuition fee refund policy?

For this information, please visit our Registrar’s website here.


How can I be considered for a scholarship at Koç University?

All international undergraduate applicants are automatically evaluated in terms of academic merit for 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% tuition-only scholarships (except for Medicine). No partial or full scholarships are offered for the Medicine program. There is no separate form to complete or specific deadlines for our academic merit scholarships. Please check the “Tuition and Scholarships” section of our website for further details.

What are the Turkiye Bursları or Turkish Scholarships and how can I obtain one to study my undergraduate Education at Koç University?

Please visit https://international.ku.edu.tr/scholarships/turkish-scholarships-program-at-koc-university/ for more details about the Turkish Scholarships program at Koç University.

Are there scholarships for dual citizens? (eg Turkish and another citizenship)

Yes, there are tuition scholarships for dual citizens at Koç University based on academic merit. You can find more information here https://international.ku.edu.tr/undergraduate-programs/tuition-and-scholarships/.

Applying through Educational agencies/Consultancy companies

Shall I apply through Educational agencies/Consultancy companies?

Admission to Koç University and scholarship decisions are not guaranteed by applying through an educational agency or consultancy. Admission decisions are only made by the University’s relevant College admissions committee based on all application information and documents, such as academic performance, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and video interview.

Educational agencies or consultants can assist with the application process and provide guidance on how to make the most of your strengths as a candidate. They can help you organize and submit your application materials, and provide information about the university’s admission minimum requirements (for standardized test scores or diplomas) and deadlines. Additionally, they can help you understand the university’s academic programs, which can help you make a more informed decision about whether Koç University is the right fit for you. However, no one including university international admissions staff, students, alumni, or professors can provide information about your individual chances of being admitted or your chances of being awarded any type of scholarship at any point in the application process.