Last summer, and with the help of the College of Engineering at Koç University, I was able to secure a summer internship opportunity. By the beginning of July 2020, I had started working remotely as a Software Engineering intern at Augmency. Augmency is a high-tech, full-service company specialized in designing and developing augmented reality solutions for companies in various fields.
During my stay at Augmency, I had worked as a part of a team on several tasks; some of which were coding-oriented, practical tasks, while others were more research-focused. I had mainly contributed to the development and maintenance of the company’s main Android application for video conferencing with augmented reality. One fun task I started with was localizing the entire application to offer in-app support for both English and Turkish languages.
Another one of my favorite tasks was to allow for full-touch control of the application using the touchpad attached to the head-mounted AR device.
Due to COVID-19, I had my internship completely remotely. I had many doubts and concerns as to whether I will benefit or learn anything by working remotely. However, to my surprise, the remote model worked out very well for me, as it had many advantages I had not thought of. Working from home saved me a lot of commuting time and helped me manage my time more efficiently. I have actually learned many things and improved myself in different skills during the internship. Also, I have made friends with almost everyone in the company. In fact, after my internship period was over, the company offered that I continue working with them as a part-time software developer. I had accepted the offer and continued to work with them for good 3 months where I learned more things and made more friends!
Walid Baroudi
Computer Engineering Major / AGFE Scholar