What makes the Koç University School of Medicine a good choice for international students?

  • Starting from the first year, students are encouraged to participate in research studies in particular fields of biomedical sciences. The program is planned to enable the students to be autonomous and responsible individuals and provide the necessary time to participate in independent studies, discussions, and research projects in addition to their curriculum. They are encouraged to use the library and electronic resources freely. This provides an opportunity to have a choice at the end of their medical education to follow a clinical research-oriented career path or a clinical one according to their interests and abilities. Students have access to leading research centers such as KUTTAM.
  • Medicine students take the Core Curriculum in their first year, which allows them to understand complex scientific concepts that they will encounter in the following years of their medical education. This program contains subjects such as natural and social sciences as well as communication skills, civilization history, and introduction to medical science, and also trains students to recognize and solve their problems as social and humanist individuals.
  • Starting from the second year, students receive systems-based medical training in an integrated program. In addition to major organ systems, special study emphasis is placed on cancer, neuroscience, and molecular medicine, which are the intensive research areas of modern medicine worldwide.
  • The clinical training is offered at the flagship Koç University Hospital located in Topkapı. You can find more details about the clinical services, research infrastructure, and overall hospital experience offered here.
  • Opportunities for summer internships with different educational institutions are provided and supported in the first years of medical training.
  • International students at Koç University are offered pre-arrival support and integration and other support services by a dedicated team in the Office of International Programs International Community Services Office.
  • The domestic students are typically from the top 5% of the national university entrance exam and offer an intellectually vibrant classroom experience for our international students.
  • Our School of Medicine faculty members are also carefully selected from the best universities worldwide and in Türkiye to teach our Medicine students and bring their extensive research and clinical experience to the classroom.
  • International students graduate from an English medium program having also learned Turkish to a C1 level which expands their opportunity to work as clinicians in Türkiye after graduation.
  • International students who wish to return to their countries after graduation do not encounter any diploma equivalency issues as Koç University is one of the leading universities in Türkiye.
  • International students who wish to continue their postgraduate medical education at top schools in the US or the UK are able to obtain excellent scores in the USMLE examinations and other international admission tests, thanks to the high-quality education and clinical training received at Koç University School of Medicine.

Source: https://medicine.ku.edu.tr/en/education/international-admission/

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