What I miss about being on campus the most are the early mornings at the dorms’ kitchen. At first, I went to the dorms kitchen because I needed a place to study, and the kitchen lounge area seemed like a convenient choice. I enjoyed making my breakfasts myself, and I liked to study and do my readings in the early mornings, but my roommates were usually still sleeping at that time, which is why I had to find a place where I could eat and study without bothering anyone.
Over time, though, my first motivation to wake up early was not so much cooking or studying, but simply spending time in the kitchen area. There was something special about it, especially in the early mornings. The balcony had a wonderful view of the forest encircling the dorm buildings and stretching from all sides. I could also see the sea on my left, and the bridge at a distance on my right. I particularly loved to see the Koç clock tower. The most magical part, however, was the colors of the sky which made the whole scene look surreal. Sometimes it would be a palette of orange and blue, sometimes pink and purple. Sometimes a light fog or a few clouds made it seem like the tower and the faraway bridge were floating in the air or emerging from a sea of colored dust. Every day was a new wonderful surprise, and every day I would wake up around 6 or 7 am, even if my classes started later in the day, and climb up the stairs to the kitchen, thrilled to breathe the morning air and contemplate a new magical sight.
The kitchen became my favorite place to go in the mornings, to study, to cook, to read, to meditate, or just to breathe the fresh air on its balcony and watch the beautiful scenery. I enjoyed the calm and solitude of these early mornings, but I was also very happy when I encountered other girls that came to make their breakfast or just work and relax. In that sense, it was a great place to get to know my dorm neighbors and have small morning talk as well. The dorms’ kitchen felt like a uniting place, like a second home where I could find peace and beauty, as well as company.

Aya Eloiriachi

College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sociology Major, Psychology Minor, Sophomore