Koç Ph.D. program’s main focus is to train students to become influential research scholars in their field of study at top universities worldwide. Interested students should desire an academic position at a top university, and possess the motivation and ability to attain this goal. For this reason, our program is not an appropriate option for people planning to work in the industry.

Three aspects of the program stand out to help achieve its primary goal of training high-quality researchers:

The Quality of the Faculty

Koç GSB Faculty members have PhDs from reputable Ph.D. programs worldwide, are research-active, and publish in top journals in their area of expertise. Additionally, a number of faculty are represented in editorial review boards of top journals.

Program Structure

Koç University Ph.D. in Business Administration program has a flexible structure to accommodate students with unique goals and backgrounds. For example, Ph.D. candidates in marketing can focus on consumer behavior, strategy, or modeling, and customize their course work accordingly. This customization may involve taking courses from related disciplines, including economics, and psychology. Typical curricula can be found on our. Note that our program requirements focus on developing conceptual and methodological skills, which are essential to producing quality academic research.

Student Support

Koç GSB Faculty is dedicated to the training of Ph.D. students, and collaborate with them on joint projects. Published papers that resulted from such collaborations attest to the success of this approach. Ph.D. students have very limited teaching responsibilities so that they can focus on their research program and develop their research skills without much distraction in their time.
For students interested in experimental methods, there is a dedicated marketing lab with twenty-one lab stations. Data collection is simplified thanks to specialized software that handles study announcements, participant sign-ups, and extra credit assignments.
We emphasize a supportive culture among our Ph.D. students and focus on the collective success of the group rather than individual students. Resulting supportive social environment enables students to establish valuable relationships with their colleagues in the program.

Programs offered:

PhD in Business Administration – Finance Program
PhD in Business Administration – Management and Strategy Program
PhD in Business Administration – Marketing Program
PhD in Business Administration – Operations and Information Systems Program
PhD in Business Administration – Quantitative Methods Program

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